100-year-old East Belfast war veteran 'feels great' after taking Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine

January 6, 2021

Tom Ferrett is a centenarian and was the oldest person on the island of Ireland to receive the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine on the day it was rolled out. Now, he is looking forward to seeing his family again.

Mr Ferrett, a Royal Navy veteran from east Belfast, is believed to have also been the oldest person in the UK to get the jab first and said he was "very pleased" to receive it. 

When speaking about receiving the vaccination he asked "Do I get paid for it? There's no point in doing this if I am not going to get anything for it. Joking aside, it has been a tough time, but it (the vaccination) has to happen or there will be a lot of people getting sick."

Mr Ferrett served on HMS Speedy, a fleet mine sweeper, as an electrical engineer and on HMS Tyne before leaving the forces and later returning home to Belfast.

OPTIMISTIC: 100-year-old Tom Ferrett at Palmerston
Residential Home. Photo: Jonathan Porter/PressEye
Mr Ferrett, shared his 100th birthday back in May with NHS fundraising legend Captain Tom Moore.

"To tell you quite truthfully, I feel great," he smiled. "I am very pleased; I got the injection, and nothing has happened to me since… I have seen many people over the years complain about injections, but they don't bother me. I'm no different now than I was before I got it."

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