Action on Hearing Loss Northern Ireland Support for Veterans

August 12, 2020

At Action on Hearing Loss Northern Ireland we provide information and support to people with deafness, hearing loss and tinnitus. We understand that Veterans are more likely to experience difficulties with their hearing than the rest of the population due to exposure to loud noise during Military Service.

We have supported 1965 Veterans in Northern Ireland with hearing loss and/or tinnitus, providing information and helping them to access support to manage their hearing loss.

All information is confidential and we will not require you to disclose your Military background or any information about your Service history.

Contact us:

Text Box: Information Events
You can see a list of events our information team will be attending here to access face to face support.
Text Box: Hearing Aid Support
Do you live in Northern Ireland and need help with your NHS hearing aids? Our Hearing Aid User Support Service volunteers can provide free advice and support. You can visit one of our support sessions or we can provide a home visit if you have additional needs.
Text Box: Tinnitus Support
If you have a ringing or buzzing in your ear and it's starting to impact on your quality of life, our Tinnitus Support service can help. We offer one to one confidential support and Tinnitus Management courses. Contact Briege or Aoife on 028 9023 9619 for more information.

Email or call 028 9023 9619

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