Celebrate VE Day 76 with Blesma, The Limbless Veterans this May

April 23, 2021

VE (Victory in Europe) Day in May 1945 signified an end to six long years of devastating warfare which took the lives of millions and injured 75 million people globally. In towns and cities right across the UK, the relief of victory was celebrated with street parties, dancing and singing.

In honour of this significant day, Blesma is launching the ‘VE Day 76 Victory challenge’ – a unique event with an aim to raise funds for Blesma’s injured veterans, some of whom bravely fought in World War II and are still supported by Blesma to this very day.

On 8 May, the VE Day 76 victory challenge invites supporters to complete 76 or 7.6 their way. Those taking part could run 7.6km, walk 7.6 miles, bake 76 cupcakes, climb the stairs 76 times, or do 76-star jumps. Each victory effort is entirely up to the participants choosing! And once completed, supporters can celebrate VE Day in style by holding their own VE Day celebration with their victory pack provided by the charity.

To take part in the VE Day 76 Victory challenge, please click here. You can also email fundraising@blesma.org.

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