Cleaning Belfast’s Korean War Memorial

August 9, 2021

This photograph shows Hannah, Jade, and Erin professionally cleaning, consolidating, and regilding the Korean War Memorial in the grounds of Belfast City Hall.

This face of the Memorial remembers those of the 1st Battalion The Royal Ulster Rifles (RUR) who died in Korea. The Memorial, made of Korean granite, was originally erected by The RUR in July 1951 just north of Seoul, overlooking the area where many of their fellow soldiers had lost their lives six months previously in the ‘Battle of Happy Valley’ on 3rd-4th January 1951. On separate sides of the Memorial, members of the 8th King's Royal Irish Hussars and 45 Field Regiment with 170 Mortar Battery Royal Artillery are also remembered.

In the 1960s the Memorial was moved to The RUR Depot in Northern Ireland, and then in 2010 to Belfast City Hall. RUR Veteran, 93-year-old Mr Albert Morrow says, “Men from both the north and south of Ireland served with The Royal Ulster Rifles, we were all friends together.” Mr Morrow was at the ‘Battle of Happy Valley’ and remembers the fierce terrifying attack of the North Korean and Chinese soldiers. “I will never forget my comrades who were killed, wounded and taken POW.”

Ruth of Decowell Restoration who co-ordinated the cleaning project said, “As we worked on the Memorial the weather was wonderful. Many of those walking through the streets of Belfast stopped to watch us and ask questions. The Memorial now looks super well-presented and stands as a very proud remembrance.”


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