COVID-19 Psychological Well-being Study

May 17, 2020

I hope you are keeping well and safe during what is a really stressful time for us all.

I would like to introduce myself to you. I am a Professor in the School of Psychology and Director of the Stress Trauma and Related Conditions (STARC) Research Lab, at Queen's University Belfast. Colleagues and I have just launched a research study that focuses on monitoring the psychological impacts of Coronavirus (COVID-19) across both Northern Ireland and Ireland. We hope to develop a detailed understanding of COVID-19 exposures and incidents in the population and how that relates to people's psychological wellbeing over time.  This study has received full ethical approval by the faculty ethics committee. 

I am writing today to ask whether you would consider taking part in the study and also consider circulating this message to colleagues and students in your department/school/university/organisation. Please bear in mind that this is a research study and therefore it will not be providing any mental health advice or support other than signposting to relevant NHS or HSE information. However, we hope that the findings may prove useful with regard to informing such support in the future.

I have attached our promotion flyer and also our participant information sheet so that you can see specifically what the survey involves. We are asking participants to complete a series of short online surveys. The first survey will take approx. 20 minutes to complete and subsequent surveys will take approx. 10 minutes to complete. Even if people can only complete 1 or 2 of these survey we would greatly appreciate it.

This is the link to the survey: 

Thank you so much for your consideration. If at all possible we would really appreciate it if you could also circulate this to your wider networks including friends and family

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