Educational Online Series Launched on BFBS

March 2, 2021

A series of short, animated videos about key military conflicts in history have been created to help support GCSE students with their studies.

The videos have been created by BFBS, the armed forces charity and media organisation, and feature six poignant conflicts in the Explained in 60 Seconds series.

The series features fictional BFBS archivist, Professor L, who is challenged to explain conflicts from around the world against the clock. Professor L outlines the build-up to the conflict before embarking on her timed challenge. She reveals detailed information about the battles, casualties and the different sides involved. She also adds some interesting facts.

The clips will be released every few weeks via the BFBS Creative YouTube channel, and the first episode can be viewed here.

The full list conflicts which appear in the series are: Op GRANBY, Korean War, Op CHARIOT, Battle of Britain, Op PALLISER and Op MASTERDOM.

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