Endal Garden Wins Silver Award at Garden Show Ireland 2022

May 5, 2022
Defence Gardens Scheme, assisted by Brooke House and Ashes to Gold, and Hounds for Heroes in collaboration with Banbridge High School, came together to form a unique community garden as part of the show.
The event was held this year in Antrim Castle Gardens, and our Defence Gardens Scheme Regional Coordinator, Charlie Marno (pictured below), was on hand to bring the troops together in preparation, alongside members from DGS hub and spoke gardens, and Hounds for Heroes staff and volunteers.
Allen Parton, Hounds for Heroes founder, was on hand with his dog Endal III (ET), supported by pupils of Banbridge High School and its committee BHS Team Hounds, to raise awareness of the charity.
Allen said, "I have not felt this privileged or so proud as I have these last few days. We have spent the last 3 days with an inspirational group of people who have collaborated over the garden. Thank you all for standing shoulder to shoulder during this project, we salute you all."
Ahead of the show, we spoke to Hounds for Heroes volunteer and Banbridge High School teacher, Marilyn Donaghy, about the charity’s impact on the Northern Ireland community.
“Animals and people, it’s a winning combination,” Marilyn said, when asked how the partnership started between Hounds for Heroes and Banbridge High.
After taking her students to see a stage production of War Horse in Dublin in 2014, Marilyn was inspired, “I believe in providing opportunities for children to volunteer, and upskill them - it helps to prepare them for life.”
From there, Marilyn formed a connection with Hounds for Heroes and Banbridge High School have been supporting them in the community and throughout Northern Ireland ever since. To find out more about Hounds for Heroes, visit their website by clicking here.

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