Guidance on Troubles Permanent Disablement Payment Scheme

October 1, 2021

The Victims' Payments Board has issued guidance for the Troubles Permanent Disablement Payment Scheme.  Details about the scheme and how to make an application are available on the Victims’ Payments Board website.  The scheme will remain open for applications until 31st August 2026 (unless that is extended by the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland).

The scheme is being administered, on behalf of the Victims’ Payments Board, by the Department of Justice and Capita have been contracted to undertake assessments on the degree of permanent disability sustained by an applicant as the result of a Troubles-related incident.  All decisions on entitlement and payments from the scheme are a matter for the Victims’ Payments Board.

It is recommended that anyone thinking of submitting an application to the scheme should take some time to consider the guidance documents that have been published on the website – these documents provide further details about the scheme and the type of information required at each stage of the application, along with the documentation that may be submitted in support of an application.  It is important that applicants take their time in order to submit the most complete application they can.

A leaflet has been designed providing a brief overview of the scheme – you can view a copy of this here.  There is a limited printed supply of these leaflets - copies can be provided upon request, by emailing

A number of local organisations have appointed Welfare Advisers who will be able to help with making an application. Please contact them directly should you require any assistance.

  • WAVE Trauma Centre
  • Relatives for Justice (RFJ)
  • The Ely Centre
  • South East Fermanagh Foundation

The contact details for above organisations are available here.

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