New funding evaluation report from Covenant Fund published

March 19, 2021

The Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust and the Directory of Social Change have published an evaluation report exploring the impact of just under £11.5M of grant funds that the Trust has awarded through the Covenant Fund to support Armed Forces families that were experiencing difficult challenges.

The Trust awarded these grants under two different funding programmes: the £4.35M Families in Stress programme and the £7.12M Removing Barriers to Family Life programme.

Removing the barriers Forces families face

The aim in both programmes was to reduce barriers that exist for Armed Forces families.

These barriers can come in many forms and the Trust’s funding programmes encouraged charities to work with Armed Forces units to meet those needs that Armed Forces families themselves identified as challenges.

Evaluating the positive impact of these programmes

The evaluation has shown that both programmes have had transformative effects for Armed Forces communities, achieved by the grants in this programme. These included the development of support networks within communities, improvements to health and wellbeing, and building confidence.

The Trust is delighted to share the stories of the grant holders. Their work has reached Armed Forces families across the UK, delivering innovative work to reduce domestic violence, supporting military spouse and partner employment and the development of the co-working hubs opening at or near various military bases, and supporting those families transitioning out of the Forces, or becoming more dispersed.

Projects have been able to support Service children during significant life events including deployment, illness/injury of a parent, moving home and school, parental divorce/separation, and distance from extended family.

Find out more

We invite you to read the evaluation report and its findings and recommendations.

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