Omagh Army Cadets donate Easter eggs to veterans at Somme Nursing Home

May 18, 2022
At Easter we visited the Somme Nursing Home with Margaret, a veteran volunteer with the Omagh Army Cadets.

Margaret was bringing the residents Easter eggs that had been donated and collected by the Cadets. Due to Covid restrictions in the home at the time we couldn’t give out the eggs ourselves, but staff members kindly took some photos for us to share with you!
While we were visiting the grounds, Gary Cassells, Executive Director of the Somme Nursing Home, met with us and talked us through some of the latest initiatives going on at the home. We even got a sneak peek of the work being done by the Somme Platinum Jubilee Veterans Community Garden team - fantastic to see the progress taking place which will benefit the residents and their families for years to come.

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