Report launch: Lifting Our Sights Beyond 2030

May 27, 2021

Today the Forces in Mind Trust published their research project: Lifting Our Sights Beyond 2030.

The extensive report seeks to shine a light on the changing nature of UK society, and identify the trends that are likely to be most relevant to those members of the Armed Forces who will undergo transition over the next decade.

You can read the report by clicking here, and access other information by visiting the project website here.

This project has been conducted in three phases, including stakeholder interviews, expert workshops, and ethnographic research. The research generated new insights and evidence for all those involved in supporting the Armed Forces community as they transition into civilian life including policy makers, Armed Forces charities, local government and future employers.

As part of the research, a stakeholder toolkit has also been developed. The toolkit has been designed to assist a variety of organisations and stakeholders to work with the report findings, apply them in different settings and strengthen the conversation on supporting UK Veterans.

A special online event was streamed as part of launch, which you can view here (starting at 25 minutes in).

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