Why veterans are the perfect candidates for cyber security jobs

March 26, 2021

Salute My Job have published a helpful article outlining why veterans have the necessary skills to work in cyber security.

Veterans have a unique combination of skills that can equip them to work in this field, and with cyber security recruitment on the rise, it could be an option for many veterans after leaving service.

Mark Bowers, IBM’s Information Assurance Team Leader and Project Security Manager, says: “Ex-military people have a lot of skills. They bring resilience and an ability to plan. They’re also not fazed by new things because they have been continually exposed to new things throughout their military career. Tasks and problems are tackled head-on and they will always take responsibility for themselves and their team because that’s just who they are.”

Technology plays a significant role in the military. Therefore, Armed Forces personnel often already possess many of the technical skills and experience needed for cyber security roles. Throughout their careers in the military, veterans are exposed to networking and communication systems, to cyber and information security and many will have experience with the intelligence side of technology and the associated risks.

Mike Jolley, (ex-Royal Signals) and now Chief Data Officer at Lowell Financial Group, said: “One of the differences when I have employed ex-military has simply been their work ethic. I’m not saying that if you are a civilian you haven’t got a good work ethic – there is just a difference. The work ethic really does help you prepare in a lot of civilian companies.”

You can find the full article here.

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