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We are the lead support and signposting service linking Veterans and charities supporting Veterans in Northern Ireland.

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We build the capacity to deliver the Armed Forces Covenant - the Nation’s commitment to Veterans. It is a pledge that ensures Veterans and their families have access to a wide variety of support and are treated fairly.

We educate key players within local communities regarding the needs of Veterans, offering solutions to problems, suggestions and ideas, advocacy, signposting and practical help.

We work collaboratively with the Office of the Veterans’ Commissioner for Northern Ireland, and support individual Veterans, their families and carers, as well as groups and organisations that provide a range of support services and activities for Veterans.

We advocate a holistic approach to providing options to Veterans and help them to make informed decisions. We sit at the heart of the network, where we interact top down and bottom up, and endeavour to find a solution to all Veterans’ diverse needs.

Featured local hero story

Amazing Maisie

Amazing Maisie - Local Hero Story NIVSO

Featured local hero story

Amazing Maisie

On Tuesday 19th September, we joined World War Two veteran, Maisie, as she celebrated her remarkable 105th birthday!

There are many other heroes who have shared their inspirational stories with us.

Can we help you? We will help find the type of support that’s right for you.

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We work with a wide range of organisations and service providers throughout Northern Ireland and in Great Britain who are committed to delivering support to veterans. Our current Veterans’ Places, Pathways and People Programme partners are represented below. To learn more about the veterans’ groups making a difference in your area, and to connect with your Veterans’ Champion, please click here.

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