Veterans and their families often experience life events which impact on their mental health. Services are available throughout Northern Ireland that can help. Asking for help can seem daunting, but there are so many people who will support you if you choose to take that first step. 

You can also click here to access our Guide to Veterans' Mental Health Provision in Northern Ireland. 

Our Key Referral Partners

Andy Allen Veterans Support
AA Veterans Support was established in 2011 to provide help, advice and guidance to those who serve or have served in the British Armed Forces and their families throughout Northern Ireland. Their services include counselling, respite, complementary therapies, employability support, support groups, benefits and housing advice and guidance, welfare assistance and more.

Contact: 028 9074 7071
Brooke House
The Brooke House Health and Wellbeing Centre seeks to support and improve the physical and mental health and wellbeing of uniformed services, retired Royal Ulster Constabulary Officers, Military veterans, and their families, who have been physically injured, psychologically impacted and/or bereaved as a result of their service. Their services include counselling, nature-based therapy and they also run a structured residential programme. 

Contact: 028 8953 1223
Combat Stress
Combat Stress is the UK’s leading charity for veterans’ mental health. For over a century, they have helped former servicemen and women with mental health problems such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety and depression. Today they provide specialist treatment and support for veterans from every service and conflict, focusing on those with complex mental health issues.

Contact: 0800 138 1619
The Ely Centre
The Ely Centre is committed to serving innocent victims and survivors, ex-service personnel, their families and carers by providing evidenced-based outcome focused treatments, prevention and support services that address issues of declining psychological, physical health, and social & financial difficulties arising as a result of terrorism.

Contact: 028 6632 0977
Inspire Wellbeing
Inspire Wellbeing deliver mental health, learning disability, autism, addiction services across Northern Ireland. They run Veteran-specific programmes which address suicide awareness and Veterans' mental health and wellbeing needs. The wide range of support options and interventions include: advocacy, addiction support services and mindfulness, through to more holistic approaches such as horticultural and equine therapy.

Contact: 03308 089 294
UDR & R Irish (HS) Aftercare Service
The Aftercare Service has been created and funded in recognition of the unique set of circumstances which continue to affect the ex-service community, comprising former UDR and R IRISH (HS) soldiers and their dependents. Their mission is to provide holistic welfare, medical, vocational and benevolence support to this community throughout Northern Ireland. Mental health support is delivered through a partnership with Inspire Wellbeing.

Contact:  028 9042 0145

Mental health referral & associated support across NI

Action Mental Health 
Action Mental Health promotes the mental health and wellbeing of people in Northern Ireland. Action Mental Health delivers a range of therapeutic counselling for children, young people, adults and families including services for the deaf community.

Contact: 028 9182 8494
Blesma, The Limbless Veterans helps all serving and ex-Servicemen and women who have lost limbs, or lost the use of limbs or eyes, to rebuild their lives by providing rehabilitation activities and welfare support. Their programmes allow members and their families to face the challenges ahead with renewed confidence and self belief.

Contact: 020 8590 1124
Blind Veterans UK
Blind Veterans UK help Veterans recover their independence and discover a life beyond sight loss. They provide specialist practical and emotional support to over 4,700 vision-impaired ex-Service men and women plus their family members and carers.

Contact: 07716227622
Defence Gardens
DGS aims to help fill the gap in mental health support by increasing access to nature-based therapy; creating the time and space for bespoke, holistic wellbeing support and a ‘soft landing’.

Contact: 028 9521 6784
Familyworks NI

Familyworks NI offers support, advice and guidance to individuals, families and communities. They also offer schools a dedicated service which ensures pupils and staff are supported in their journeys.

Contact: 028 9182 0341

Help for Heroes
Help for Heroes supports wounded, injured and sick Veterans, and family members of Veterans who are living with mental health and emotional difficulties  which are adversely affecting their quality of life.

Contact: 0300 303 9888
MATT Service
MATT is a crisis de-escalation service available for those experiencing an acute mental health crisis. It operates in the Belfast and South Eastern Health and Social Care Trust areas.

Contact: emergency services on 999 or 101
MindWise is a Northern Ireland mental health charity that supports people affected by mental illness. They operate over 30 services, including talking therapies to support recovery journeys, and offer peer support activities in the community.

Contact: 028 9040 2323 
Parentline NI

Parentline NI is a free, confidential helpline and face-to-face service, operated by CiNI for parents and carers throughout Northern Ireland, providing emotional support, advice and guidance on all parenting issues. 

Contact: 0808 8020 400 

PIPS provides support to individuals who are considering, or who have at some point considered, ending their own lives. PIPS also provide support to those families & friends who have been touched by suicide.

Contact: 028 9080 5850
Royal Air Forces Association
The Royal Air Forces Association is the largest single Service membership and welfare organisation. They offer  friendship and support to full and associate members and the wider RAF family.

Contact: 0800 018 2361
Royal British Legion
The Royal British Legion is at the heart of a national network that supports the Armed Forces community. They can provide recovery and rehabilitation support to currently serving and ex-service personnel who are wounded, injured or sick. They can also provide advice on housing, finance and employment.

Contact: 080 8802 8080
SSAFA – the Armed Forces charity, the Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Families Association, provides lifelong support to serving men, women and Veterans from the British Armed Forces and their families. SSAFA focus on providing direct support to individuals in need of physical or emotional care through a range of services. 

Contact: 0800 2321 271
Start 360
Start 360 provide a range of services and interventions in the areas of health, justice and employability. They work to create and contribute to a society that can provide support for those who are at risk of becoming vulnerable and need some help to get back on track and reach their full potential.

Contact: 07923129559
VSS Victims and Survivors Service

The Victims and Survivors Service administers Executive Office funding that is set aside specifically for victims and survivors. This funding enables the VSS to assess the needs of individual victims and survivors, in order to provide tailored services and support, and to allocate resources to organisations that provide services and support to victims and survivors.

Contact: 028 9027 9100
War Widows Association
The War Widows’ Association is a campaigning group that exists to improve the conditions of War Widows and their dependents. Its work encompasses those who have suffered bereavement as a result of all conflicts. The War Widows Association also represents those who have suffered the loss of their partner and in peacetime, when the death was attributable to their service life.

Contact: 0845 2412 189
WAVE Trauma Centre
WAVE is the largest cross community victims’ group in Northern Ireland, with five centres and 15 satellite projects, spread across the country. The organisation was formed relatively late in the Troubles in response to specific need. It supports those who were injured and/or traumatised in the conflict in Northern Ireland.

Contact: 028 9077 9922
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